Score Companion

Score Companion

Sheet music aggregator and search tool

What is Score Companion?

Score Companion is a free tool for searching for sheet music across a variety of popular sites. The site includes a sleek and responsive search tool, with a GraphQL API and a PostgreSQL database on the backend. Score Companion has almost 700,000 records in its database, which will only grow as we continue to add more sites.


  • Free: Score Companion was created to help every musician find the sheet music they need, and will always be free to use.
  • Fast: Score Companion leverages the power of a custom GraphQL API to quickly search scores across a wide variety of sites.
  • Responsive: Search Companion was designed to work on every device, providing a much better experience compared to many of the out-of-date sheet music sites of today.


Just head on over to and search for the scores you need!


Can I take a look at or use Score Companion's GraphQL API?

As of now, Score Companion has a work-in-progress public API. Feel free to browse the API through the GraphQL playground.

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