Scale Sequencer

Scale Sequencer

Music creation browser tool


This project is a fork of this project by Max Laumeister. I am keeping it separate for now, as the original project seems focused on the pentatonic scale and offering very niche scales may not be in the spirit of the original project.



How To Build

Setting Up

  1. Install nodejs and npm: sudo apt update; sudo apt install nodejs npm
  2. Install Gulp CLI: sudo npm install -g gulp-cli
  3. cd into the project folder and install dependencies: npm install


  • To compile for development and generate docs, run gulp dev.

  • To compile for development and generate docs, start a localhost server, and auto-recompile changes in source files, run gulp serve.

  • To compile for production (minified, without source maps), run gulp prod.

In any case, the compiled application will be in the dist folder.

Useful tools

  • Install the eslint extension in VS Code by using the built-in extension browser. VS Code should automatically find the .eslintrc.js config file and start highlighting lines of js that fail the linter.
  • Likewise, you can install and use the sass-lint extension.


See Issues.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Camilo Mejia for his Procedural ToneMatrix fork of this project.

Thanks to SimplyLinn for this performance fix.

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