I currently work at Beacons, a startup that creates software to give creators one unified place to link to all of their content and secure brand deals. I work across the stack, working on creator-facing and public-facing features.

During my time at Beacons, I have implemented a number of high-impact features and redesigns. This includes contributing to new apps like the Pricing Calculator and AI Brand Generator, overhauling and improving the sitewide navigation, and being the driving force in moving the codebase to TypeScript. I’ve also worked extensively with the Beacons Media Kits app.

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Screenshot of the link-in-bio builder Screenshot of the media kit builder


A previous software development internship, I worked with the startup Dendron to create a better knowledge management tool.

Over three months, I redesigned and rebuilt the graph view, one of the core ways to visualize notes and schemas within Dendron. The graph can handle tens of thousands of notes, and supports a variety of custom filters and styles.

Throughout my time at Dendron, I actively participated in community discussion. This included implementing community requests, responding to feedback, and providing support for the graph view.


Screenshot of Dendron local graph view Screenshot of Dendron global graph view

A joint venture with two other co-founders, I lead development on this music sample marketplace. We create custom and pre-made sample packs for music producers of all levels.

In my time with, I have built out the entirety of the frontend and backend architecture. This includes a robust custom order system, a sample pack marketplace, and a landing page for weekly pack giveaways. In addition, the site features a scalable backend a number of automated processes to better manage and sustain the website.

The site is under active development, with plans to create a knowledge base for new producers and other educational resources.

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Screenshot of the homepage Screenshot of the free pack of the week page