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A list of the apps and programs I use, in no particular order. Most of these are macOS apps, but some are cross-platform as well.

Rectangle logo
FreemacOSSource ↗


A free and open source window resizing and snapping with simple keyboard shortcuts.

rectangleapp.com ↗
Raycast logo
FreemacOSNo Source


A spotlight search alternative with a rich plugin ecosystem.

www.raycast.com ↗
Stats logo
FreemacOSSource ↗


A menubar application to visualize stats about your CPU, RAM, and disk usage.

github.com ↗
Firefox Developer Edition logo
FreeAny PlatformSource ↗

Firefox Developer Edition

A developer-focused version of Firefox, with additional devtools and earlier features than the standard version.

www.mozilla.org ↗
iTerm2 logo
FreemacOSSource ↗


A macOS terminal replacement with more customization and features.

iterm2.com ↗
Ballast logo
FreemacOSSource ↗


Fixes macOS bug where audio balance shifts when bluetooth headphones get connected.

jamsinclair.nz ↗
Unshaky logo
FreemacOSSource ↗


Fixes macOS keyboard double presses when using a butterfly keyboard.

unshaky.nestederror.com ↗