About Me

I’m Henry Fellerhoff, a software engineer living in New York City. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Music from Loyola University Chicago.

Outside of software development, I spend my time creating, performing, arranging, and listening to music. I try to get involved in social, economic, and climate activism, and was a part of Loyola University’s chapter of the Sunrise Movement.

Currently watching

My favorite video recently has been “How To Be Hopeless” by Carlos Maza. It’s a beautiful, almost hour-long video about how to grapple with the current state of the world, and it still has the exact same impact and permanence a year and a half after it was published.

Currently reading

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Cool apps I use

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FreemacOSSource ↗


A free and open source window resizing and snapping with simple keyboard shortcuts.

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Me in a coffee shop looking up and past the camera